The vineyard as a way of life



We personally work our 12 hectares of vineyards distributed throughout the municipality of Tórtoles de Esgueva, Our vineyards are situated on slopes of low-nutrient soils with a range of characteristics, from sandy clay slopes to stony moors at an altitude of 960 meters. We endeavour to make the best use of the different soils by limiting production and following our ecological convictions.

suelo calizo viña ecologica


We conserve and nurture long-standing vines in a traditional way, as we believe they are authentic treasures of any viticultural terroir. In our younger vineyards, our focus is on seeking maximum altitude and natural regulation, which is why we maintain the cool and stony moorland of Tórtoles de Esgueva (our municipality).

Although our terroir is challenging to work with, we believe the difficulties are worthwhile due to the immense potential for balance, complexity and typicality that we treasure in our wines.


We are focused on organic viticulture, manual processes and limited production of signature wines. In our winery we use only the best technical equipment in order to control the entire production process precisely.



The Ribera del Duero is characterised by its extreme climate and high altitude. Tórtoles de Esgueva (the village where we are based) is inside the Ribera, a sub-area with its own unique character, where these conditions are even more extreme, which is typically reflected in both the grapes and the wines.

Viña vieja terruño