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Wine and vineyards have always been closely linked to the life and customs (traditions) of our people.

Javier Vallejo Villamor is the one who first began to develop very personal artisan wines by refining the traditional production processes.

The culture of wine and the tradition of Vallejo’s family have helped the knowledge to be passed down directly from generation to generation and, although the whole family participates in the winery, the current family members in charge are grandsons Jorge and Javi, especially the latter as our ”vigneron".

Daily life in the winery makes us experiment and try new things out continuously. We continue to make our ancestral wines for daily family consumption and winery visits, as well as experimenting with new production techniques and materials. We currently have three wines on the market, all of them limited editions of ageing wines.


Every story at the beginning of a project is different. We began our journey little by little with a clear, hopeful destination, knowing full well the effort needed from day to day, the rigour, the patience and the good work that is needed to create this art.

We believe that our wine is not only a wine, but also a true ambassador of our land, a hallmark that reflects our effort, dedication and passion.

Hence our name: BUEN CAMINO – the expression that pilgrims used in the past to wish each other good luck on a journey – a journey with a path full of challenges, aromas, colours, illusion and, above all, moments to share.

We invite you to share our wines and wish you a BUEN CAMINO!



Buen Camino is our blend of the best grapes from our different vineyards. Bunches selected in the field and in the winery, using cold pre-fermentation maceration, thermo-controlled fermentation below 25ºC, spontaneous malolactic fermentation and aged in French and American oak barrels for between 12 and 16 months.

Buen Camino 2015 has a powerful vintage and long aging process in order to achieve the highest possible quality and won the Gran Oro Vinespaña medal awarded by the Spanish Federation of Winemakers FEAE.

Buen Camino 2016 expresses the Atlantic character of its vintage and shows that it has a long life ahead, as demonstrated by the silver medal it received at the Brussels World Competition before going on the market.

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Guademeya is the selection of the best grapes from the plot that bears its name, found in the most north-western vineyard in the entire Ribera del Duero. The wine is macerated and fermented in small vats with daily rotation to mix the pomace with the wine according to taste and aged  between 15 and 20 months in new French oak barrels. A unique character is expressed in this limited edition wine.

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“Northwest” is our youngest Buen Camino. With the freshest grapes from our vineyards and a light barrel aging, it reflects the altitude of our terroir with a pure fruity character and the innate power of a good Ribera del Duero.

A very easy wine to drink on any occasion and with a long life ahead.

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